Share RPM Videos

There are two ways you can share Relentless Pursuit Ministries videos. One popular way is to embed videos that we have posted on Vimeo. Below you will see direct links to some of our videos. Click on the link and you will find an plane icon on the right hand side of the video that allows you to copy the HTML code. Paste this code into your blog or web page to display the video.

Visit our Vimeo Channel

Below is an example of one of our videos on Vimeo, there is a button on the right that has a plane and says share, while on the Vimeo web site select and copy that code into your web page or blog.



Download RPM Videos

You can also download mp4 video files from our web site and use them for meetings or post them to your Facebook. Just follow these steps:

1. Choose the video you want to download.


2. Open The video with VIMEO to see the download button.


3. Click on the Download Button.


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