The Caterpillar Project

When we experience the transforming and life giving power of God, through salvation, we often want to share it with others. This is your opportunity to share what God has done in your life.

One of the most amazing metamorphoses occurring in nature is the caterpillar to butterfly. The life of a caterpillar appears to be a simple one. Its days are spent seeking the best paths and the best leaves. This search is filled with both trial and error. Some routes lead to poor quality leaves or, worse, to a hungry bird. The best routes reward the industrious caterpillar with a lush branch full of nutritious leaves.
Watching the caterpillar on its daily mission, we may think, “What a hard life. Its work is cumbersome and its life is often at risk. There are many hazards.” The life of a true Christian often resembles that of the caterpillar: arduous and dangerous. We may even be persecuted by others, but our reward is great.
Paul said:

This light and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, because we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen, for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:17-18).

To go further, Matthew 5:11-12 says:

Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad for your reward is great in heaven.

In our lives, which are often times hard and tiresome, we should rejoice and put our minds toward a heavenly pursuit. This positive action for Christ will put joy in our heart. Life becomes, not tiresome, but exciting! And when we work out of love for God, we will be blessed by rewards in heaven.

Our goal should be to have an absolute commitment to Him who gave us this life and the life to come. To the servant in Luke 19: 17-19, who earned ten pounds, it was said “Well done, good servant, because you have been faithful in a very little thing, be in authority over ten cities”, whereas the servant who made only five pounds was told “And you are to be over five cities.”

The caterpillar knows nothing of with the butterfly and its ways and, yet, the caterpillar will actually become a butterfly. It will transform into this amazing and beautiful winged creature, experiencing a life that the caterpillar could not have imagined. Nonetheless, it will happen.

If you seek the basics – to know God personally, read God’s word daily, pray to Him, give Him praise and worship, fellowship with other believers, and go out into the world and share your story – then you will transform as the caterpillar does. You will see your life on earth come to fruition as God intended for you, all while building your reward in Heaven.

The goal of the Caterpillar Project is to help Christ followers prepare for life with God by doing what He has commanded for us on earth: to love God with everything that we are and to obey Him… ultimately, to live life more abundantly. Living this type of life prepares us for an eternity with our maker.

Are you experiencing your Christian life to the fullest and preparing for your life in Heaven?

We would love for you to participate with us in the Caterpillar Project. Let us know how God has been using you. Are you in the mission field or just returning? Have you had a God led witnessing encounter? Share your experiences with us by posting below.




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5 thoughts on “The Caterpillar Project

  • Alexis Rosim

    I think there is not such an incredible pursuit like Abraham’s. The patriarch looked incessantly the promise that God had made him that his descendants would reach the Promised Land. I see RPM as the heir faith of Abraham. When I started working with street kids, I was taken in mercy for one of them in particular. Alfonso was very down physically because of drugs. I spent months in prayer for his eternal salvation and I visited him every day at Lago Alberto Street. One day he came to me and told me he was tired of his life and accepted our help to go into a Christian home for rehabilitation. He spent seven months there being healed by the Lord, serving Him and being discipled. I glorify God for the work He did in Alfonso’s life. One day I received a phone call from the rehab house, telling me that Alfonso decided to return to the streets … It was hard for me and the ministry. I went into deep depression and quit working with homeless people for a while. One day I decided to return to Lago Alberto where I saw Alfonso worse than ever, totally destroyed by drugs. I started visiting him weekly and bringing him food supplies, praying for him constantly. Suddenly one day on my regular visit to the place, some street kids who knew Alfonso told me that he had nearly died in those days. We spent weeks in prayer interceding for his life. The street kids no longer wanted him there, because they knew that Alfonso could die anytime. No hospital was going to take any responsibility for a homeless and probably would avoid the formalities of death as well … I found myself tired of the situation and almost without hope when, I took him apart and said to him: “Alfonso, Our Father does not want you to die, He is expecting from you to repentance and live “… Alfonso prayed to God for help. After that, God began to move all things in order for him to recover. The treatment he received at that time was worthy of a child of God. Days after he was discharged from the hospital, still very weak, I was able to return him back to the rehab house. I was so happy to see he was welcome as the prodigal son. This experience really proved my faith. The Lord restored the deep disappointment I felt. Now my soul is full of hope again, and the words echoed in my whole being: THE PURSUIT FOR THE LOST MUST BE RELENTLESS, THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO REACH THE GOAL.

  • Joana

    I was giving tracts and suddenly a man asked me what this is about, and I told him it was about sex trafficking and child abuse. He asked me then why is that? And I told him that it is because of the evil of men, and he continued emphasizing the question, but why!? So I told him that that’s what happens when people don’t have God in their lives, and so the evil grows.

    Then the man asked what religion are you and what do you do? Are you the ones that do not believe in the Virgin Mary? I said: It is not that we do not believe in her, it is in the Bible, she was the mother of Jesus. He asked again, but you do not adore her. And I replied: No, because in the Bible says that you shouldn’t have other gods nor images. And he said, but she is the mother of God. And I said, no she isn’t. She is the mother of Jesus, but not of God, because God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and He chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus in the form of a human. Then the man became defensive and continue to argue that she should be worshiped, and he started to be a little aggressive, not violent, but just aggressive trying to convince me about it.

    Then I am sure it was the Holy Spirit talking through me, I really don’t remember what I said, but in that moment I talked about the Scriptures. If I think about that now, I don’t know how I did it, so I am sure it was the Holy Spirit.

    Then out of nowhere another young guy came to me, I didn’t even see where he was coming from. And he told me, Hey, you gave me this tract. I told him yes. And he said, ah, I want to talk to you. And I told him, yes, just give me a minute please, let me finish talking to the sir.

    The other man continue to argue about the same thing. And the young guy was standing there waiting, and he started to say, no Sir, but in Deuteronomy the Bible says this and in Exodus that. And he just was talking about the Scriptures, but it was a guy like any other; I didn’t even know his name or anything, he has just asked if I gave him the tract. And the true is that I don’t remember if I did give it to him, but he did have one, and I said yes because it was one of the ones we were giving, but I really don’t remember giving it to him. But he started to discuss everything and the man just stood quiet and he didn’t know what to say.

    Then the man continue to make questions, but not anymore in an aggressive way but saying that he did wanted to believe but it was difficult to him and he knew he had to surrender his life to God. It was a complete change of attitude.

    So I just told him that he had to give the first place to God and to nobody else, have Christ in our heart and I just gave him the message of salvation.

    It was a sudden change.

    When we said goodbye, the man gave me his phone number! After being so aggressive, he asked me to contact him because he wants to know more and learn more.

    Then the other guy just told me that he just wanted to give me thanks for the tract and for doing what I was doing. He said he was a Christian and that he had Christ in his heart.

    After that I said goodbye to the guy. And we left.

    But I have always said that there are no coincidences for God. And I feel that He sent this guy. I cannot explain this, I don’t want to say that he was an angel or that he wasn’t, because I don’t know, it was very strange to me. But he came in the right moment in the right place, talking Scriptures, and he had a tract saying that I gave it to him and I don’t think I did, and he knew what to say not attacking the man but just with the Word of God. It was an experience that let me amazed, in how God is with us always.

    It is a rewarding and wonderful experience, how our Lord does not leave their children when they are being attacked. And I just wanted to share this.

  • Adaía Sánchez

    I can not deny that the transformation that God does in your life is incredible when you let Him to do it, I opened my heart and decided to follow Him, and despite my mistakes He never leaves me and still responds to the desires of my heart, being clear about what I need to know and do not forget that He is preparing me for great things He has for me.

    Meanwhile, although it is not easy for me to talk to people that I do not know, He gives me many opportunities to share His love and what He has done in my life.

  • Nancy

    I’ve always been organized and I’ve always planned everything, including my life. I had a plan that I thought was good. But God had better plans for me!!
    I couldn’t understand why so many things happened in my life, and why God interrupted my dreams and plans. But it was just after I surrendered it all to Jesus that I could be healed and I started to have so many blessings, new and great friends, an incredible job and a real life!!
    I don’t know what is going to happen now… but I trust God, my butterfly will fly!!

  • Stephen

    Well, I am blessed to be able to say that God has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy! To top it off he was born on the 4th of July… a firecracker. God is so good. The birth was an amazing moment that I will never forget. As soon as we had the chance we gathered around and laid our hands on him and dedicated him to the Lord. All of our family and friends have been wonderful… thanks to all! God bless – Stephen

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