1:5 Outreach

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1:5 Outreach is based on the scripture Proverbs 1:5. It says, “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.”

The goal 1:5 Outreach is to provide high quality teaching tools and libraries to teachers and children in second and third world countries. Children growing up in these countries struggle for basic necessities, such as food and clean water. When they are able to attend school, it is a huge blessing but often the schools are not well-equipped to teach a quality agenda; which puts these kids even further behind students in modern countries.

The first basic function of these schools is to provide the best education they can while also being able to provide meals for the students during the school day. The teachers must rely on rudimentary books that are outdated, and worse, they are using teaching guides that are laced with deceptive evolution-based teachings. Just as in the U.S. school system, the text books in Latin American countries, African countries, and various Asian countries are calling the theory of evolution fact.

1:5 Outreach will provide teachers with high quality material that is published by top Christian publishers. Not only is the material current and using up-to-date teaching methods, but the material has strong biblical principles at its core. This is a must when training the young minds of today’s students.

In the U.S., we take libraries for granted. They are in every school and on every corner. In second and third world countries, it is only a dream for teachers and school administrations to be able to provide a well-stocked library for their kids.

With your help, we will provide teachers with quality teaching material and libraries that are well-stocked and biblically sound to empower these students for future success.

To join us in this campaign, contact us here.

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