A Penny is Hope

A Penny is Hope campaign is based and founded on the hope that when people see others in need that they will rally to their cause and find a way to inject hope (Romans 5:1-5) and love (Matthew 22:39), no matter how difficult the situation. We need this more than ever. In our technological advanced… (keep reading)

Mission I S2:8

Imagine if your children lived on a pile of rubble, on a dumpsite, in a sewer, in a makeshift shack, or in a cardboard box, and each day consisted of scraping by to survive in these slums. Clean water, healthy food, and medical assistance are simply not available. While it is hard for most of us to imagine that…(keep reading)

1:5 Outreach

1:5 Outreach is based on the scripture Proverbs 1:5. It says, “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.”

The goal 1:5 Outreach is to provide high quality teaching tools and libraries to teachers and children in second and third world countries. Children growing up in these countries struggle for basic necessities, such as…(keep reading)

The Caterpillar Project

One of the most amazing metamorphoses occurring in nature is the caterpillar to butterfly. The life of a caterpillar appears to be a simple one. Its days are spent seeking the best paths and the best leaves. This search is filled with both trial and error. Some routes lead to …(keep reading)

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