Relentless Pursuit Ministries is moving forward with BIG steps for our Lord in 2013. Our focus is ACTION STEPS. We want to see other believers step out in faith, believing that there can be a revival in Mexico City. As God has commanded, let’s pursue people together!

Look at what is planned:
This year we are having huge rallies at Chapultepec park, where we will have 200 + believers, at a time, go out and witness to the people in the park. This is a great way to plant the Word of God in the hearts of the lost! We have over 10,000 amazing witnessing tracts to hand out as we stroll through the park. We will, also, perform Christian skits directed act the non-believer. Contact Rodrigo for the Chapultepec specifics, and Lizette if you would like to be a part of the skit team.

We are, also, having flash mob events in the Zolcalo and Chapultepec where we will perform and then hand out witnessing tracts. Fun, right!? We will need a lot of people to pull this off! Contact Sveta for more information.

We are also going to concentrate on smaller venues. We will be sending out RPM teams of two or three people to witness and hand out tracts at bus stops. The bus will stop at its designated pick up point every 3 -10 minutes. This will give our teams PLENTY of time to share the Gospel. There will be RPM teams at the metro handing out tracts to people passing by, and, also, asking people if we can pray for them. Would you like to be a team leader or do you know someone that would be a good team leader?… Please contact Nancy, if so.

WE KNOW THAT IF WE ARE NOT ACTIVELY SEEKING GOD and people that our walk can become very small, until we are useless, but if we decide to seek Him and His commandments then our walk becomes BIG and we SEE AMAZING THINGS!

Let us catch up to where God is working in Mexico! Please, pray about your participation… We would love to have you join us!


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