Evangelism in Transit

Relentless Pursuit Ministries (RPM) has an aggressive street evangelism plan in Mexico City. Our mission is to glorify God and to proclaim Jesus Christ as our Savior.

And we need all the help we can get!

We are sending teams of two or three people to share the message of salvation and to deliver evangelistic cards at bus stops, metro stations and hospitals. Each of these areas have an abundance of people. The vehicles arrive at stops every 3-10 minutes giving us plenty of time to share how Jesus can change lives; people wait in the hospitals for hours and are in urgent need of the love of Christ.

During the time in the streets our team members wear t-shirts that say, “Can I pray for you?” This makes us distinctive in crowds, and gives people the confidence to approach us and ask for prayer.

Would you like to be a team leader or a member of one of these teams?

Contact our leader of Transit Ministry, Elizabeth: lizruth8a@arelentlesspursuit.com 

2 thoughts on “Evangelism in Transit

  • Gwen Rianhard

    I did just want to testify that Jesus is my Savior! I am so thankful for the last few years of life– acutally, it´s about 15 years! Yes, 15 years ago I began having trouble with my marriage. I was very busy taking care of my three children and my husband was very busy at work, and related distractions. Though I asked for God´s help, I didn´t know how to truly turn to Him completely to fix the problem.

    So, little by little, our relationship went from bad to worse to divorce. As I look back, this is so terrible, because we had been So happy. Well, then the consequences were very difficult on our children, and well, The Most Important testimony is to let you know that Thank God– I was attending Sunday sermons– especially the last few years with Pastor Lynn, and also singing in the Cantata´s with Beautiful Sally, and also attending WOW– Women of The Word.

    And so little by little my faith and discipline and relationship with God grew. Then I was Greatly blessed at my first missionary trip with Stephen to Jamaica! Since then, my faith, and relationship with Our Greatest Lord and Savior Has Been Growing and Growing– and Amen! Not that I have not had a few slips, but very few, Thank God! And these have helped me to know of just how disciplined we must be with Our Lord in order to Avoid Satan´s attempts to dissuade us from full commitment to Jesus!

    Because I was lost at a time when my life seemed quite nice, I am very sensitive to the needs of the very needy. Stephen´s dedication to these is so needed, and so I love working with street kids. I also love working with you younger people, because I have children of your age, and though I did work with some needy people when I was younger, I find this ministry Great– and do pray my children may see His light through this!

    I am so proud of you each for taking your time to do His work!

    Biggest Blessings!


    Thanks for the opportunity to share my testimony! God Bless You Zillions!

  • Sandra Orellana

    When I moved to Mexico I had brought myself a Bible .WHY I wanted to study and learn the Bible. As I remember when I was growing up I urged to find my Lord even though I knew he had been with me in difficult situations of growing up and also had felt his presence , coming from a spiritual catholic family and going to church and having priests in my house was common.

    But I always wanted to know and seek more learning about my spirit and God.. I seeked in Mexico different religious and cults and etc. and God leaded me to the truth. The right path John 14:6 “I am the way , the truth and the life –No one comes to the father except through Me” at our Baptist church .That was sufficient for me even though I had to accept my lord 3 times to dawn to me and Christ to dwell in me even though I knew by heart this is my father that had been with me all the time….

    So I started to feed myself with this wonderful discovery that I am so thankful of Him choosing me …I was 26 years old. Until now I continue growing my relation with my Father, his Son and the Holy Spirit..I don’t focus in religious names , I focus with the word of God and following Jesus words .I will continue giving my testimonies as a christian how God has used me serving him in other places, experiences trials, sorrows, difficult situations, blessings experiences that I have had in my life and continue with this journey he gave us…yes truth has set me free but letting go of so much to be content with this great journey ..I continue my faith, believe and surrender and allow the grace of God to be my strength.

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