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Stephen Spivey is an instigator of hope. Since he was called to the ministry in 1997, he has had a passion for the lost and the forgotten. He believes when people see others in need that they will rally to the cause and find a way to inject hope and love, no matter how difficult the situation.

It truly excites him to see people putting on the armor of God and accepting the call of pursuing people across our globe. Stephen believes that soul winning should be at the top of the list in a Christ followers walk. This passion burst through in his preaching.

During his time in the ministry Stephen has had the privilege to serve as a youth pastor, and as an evangelist – preaching at revivals, crusades, benevolent centers, schools, youth conferences, and in prison ministries. He has preached in countries as close as Mexico and as far as Kenya. Whether seeking one person in a one on one encounter or speaking to thousands, he counts it all as an honor while working for his King.

What People are saying…

“Author John Maxwell once said:

A solid trust is based on a consistent character.

During the time I have known Stephen Spivey, he has proven to be a very dedicated man of God. I had the pleasure of working with Stephen when I published One Praise Magazine, a Christian music and lifestyle publication where he was a contributing writer.

As a professional, Stephen is educated and experienced in Christian ministry. He has demonstrated unquestionable character and integrity. Stephen exudes compassion and strongly desires to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

It is not often that you meet someone who makes a significant difference in your life; Stephen is one of those people. For this reason, I highly recommend Stephen Spivey for your event.”

Liz Slater
Author and Speaker

“I want to introduce you to Stephen Spivey. I was there when he came to Christ in Cartersville, Georgia, in 1997. Since that moment he has been on fire for Jesus preaching every place he had a chance. I believe Stephen is anointed by the Holy Spirit to proclaim to the nonbeliever – He has a gift of drawing people to Christ. Youth are spelled bound by his life story. Men are challenged by his deep commitment to Christ. I hope you will use Stephen in your church or event to teach and preach the riches of Christ.”

Dr. Dewey Davidson
Fortified Hills
Dallas, Ga.

“I am blessed to know Stephen Spivey. The Lord has given him a heart of love and care for humanity. Stephen has an outreach call to the lost and a strong heart to break the iron gates and set the captives free. This is a very unique calling which I discovered when he was here ministering to the people of Nakuru, Njoro, and Bahati, Kenya. There is a displaced camp, called Pipeline, of 5000 people in Nakuru. The people of this camp have seen many family members lost to violence and disease, from the result of the political upheaval in 2008 – Stephen’s love was never clearer than when we were ministering to these people.”

Bishop Patrick Munyua
Life Changing Ministries
Nakuru, Kenya

“I have had the honor to work along with Stephen Spivey in the spreading of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Metropolitan area of Mexico City. I have been blessed by his friendship, his preaching and encouraged by his zeal for the Lord. In one particular occasion, Stephen was speaking at a youth conference where more than 100 teenagers accepted the challenge to go out and reach those that have not heard about the gospel of Christ. Stephen’s ministry has been a blessing for my life, my family and for the church I serve. I encourage you, in the love of Our Lord, to be a part of this amazing challenge, preaching the Gospel in one of the biggest cities in the World.“

Pastor Abraham Galvin
New Hope Baptist
Valle de Xico, Mexico

“I would gladly recommend Stephen Spivey as a guest speaker to any youth event. His love for God and passion for people is contagious. He is the guy you would want at your event because his heart is right and you don’t have to worry about what he will say on stage. He has the rare combination of passion for the lost and the ability to motivate the believers in their walk with Christ. His message inspired the students in my youth group, and I believe he will be a source for encouragement and inspiration for your students as well.”

Flaviu Ferche
Youth Pastor
Atlanta, Georgia

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