Relentless Pursuit is moving forward with BIG steps for our Lord. We focus on ACTION. We want to see other believers step out in faith, believing that there can be a revival in Mexico City. Let’s continue the pursuing as we follow our Lord´s command.

(Swarm) This year we gathered with several groups of believers from different churches and ministry volunteers as well to witness in crowded places such as Prado Norte, Zona Rosa, Polanco, Central Tapo, Alameda Central, Hospital General, and Zocalo.

(Flashmob) The Ministry also carried out 5 flashmobs in places like Revolution, Insurgentes, Coyoacán, Madero and Reforma Avenue, the main purpose has always been to capture the attention of people who observed an unusual event such as dance performance on a public space, and share the message of salvation .We are constantly calling believers in Christ to share the Gospel!

(Evangelism in Transit) In smaller groups (2 or 3 people), our volunteers keep witnessing and handing cards in bus stops. Daily there are thousands of people just waiting at the bus stops, the opportunity to share the Gospel is right there, every 3-10 minutes. Our teams teams hand cards and to approach to these people who are next to metro stations and bus stops, asking: Can I pray for You?

Join us to fulfill the Great Commission!, This is a great time, let’s keep planting and harvesting the fruits of God’s word in the hearts of the lost!

WE KNOW THAT IF WE ARE NOT ACTIVELY SEEKING GOD and people that our walk can become very small, until we are useless, but if we decide to seek Him and His commandments then our walk becomes BIG and we SEE AMAZING THINGS!

Let us catch up to where God is working in Mexico! Please, pray about your participation… We would love to have you join us!

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