General Qualifications of Volunteers

• Mature and responsible believer
• Dependent on God
• Actively participates in a local body of believers
• Sensitive to the Spirit’s leading
• Works well in teams
• Understands, values and works towards unity within the Body of Christ
• Good at casting vision, working with volunteers and following up on details

Volunteers Positions

1. Prayer Coordinator
2. Ministry Networking
3. Church Relations
4. Graphic Design Assistant
5. Street Kids Coordinator
6. Missions Coordinator
7. Translators
8. Quality Assurance
9. Skits Coordinator
10. Drama Coordinator
11. Drama Coordinator Assistant
12. Tech Support
13. Video Producer

Prayer (Coordinating and task position)

• Intentionally be a prayerful person
• Send out regular, specific prayer request emails to prayer warriors
• Monitor contact list of prayer network
• Continually are adding people to prayer network at events, etc.
• Support all other coordinators by gathering prayer requests from all branches of movement.

Ministry Networking

• Constantly be networking among ministries and organizations, looking for potential partnerships.
• Show up at meetings, events, build relationships with ministries.
• Find out their programming and try to involve RPM in a specific need they may have.
• Represent RPM effectively and professionally
• Establish a database of partner organizations with basic information.
• Be gathering prayer requests from partner organizations and send them to Prayer Coordinator.
• Provide ministry/ organizations with resources and trainings that RPM provides.
• Be looking for other organizations that would be willing to partner in evangelistic programs.

Church Relations

• Be looking to partner with churches in vulnerable communities.
• Effectively represent RPM and communicate the vision to new churches who may be interested in partnering.
• Be in constant communication with churches about opportunities to engage in all areas of the Ministry.
• Be looking for potential volunteers in churches and direct them to volunteer coordinator.
• Be looking for potential prayer warriors to add to Prayer Network and direct their contact information to Prayer Coordinator.
• Work with Training Coordinator to organize events or evangelistic campaigns in churches

Graphic Designer Assistant

• Elaborate or modify all design required to promote events and media for the ministry.

Street Kids Coordinator Assistant

• Work with the Director and coordinator to implement programs that can rescue street kids
• Locate various groups in Mexico City to develop a strategy of outreach
• Find the different needs of each group for an action plan
• Check the groups periodically and look for areas of need (clothes, health, and food) and get help to cover those needs.
• Follow up with their spiritual life discipline and preparing new leaders to create churches among the groups.

Missions Coordinator assistant

• Look for opportunities to go on mission trip and do evangelistic campaigns around the world
• Find partnerships with other ministries
• Coordinate the logistic of the trip (airplane fare, housing, food, general expenses, transportation, program of event)
• Coordinate and guide fundraising events
• Select participants for the mission through the selective process and interview
• Coordinate with leaders of the event/camp



• Translation of documents ( articles, workbooks, webpage, etc)
• Simultaneous translations for general events


Needs a Detail Oriented person

• To make sure all documents (workbooks, articles, publicity, posts, power point, etc) are well presented regarding grammar and style

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    my dear boys …remember you can count with me that i pray always for you all..and when i can with effort to attend and help you out on tracts when my schedule is free from classes…blessings

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