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SWARM June/22:


“I participate with a sister in Christ from my church, Elizabeth 🙂 we were in the smaller lake, and that time was really cool, we spend time there, it was a pretty and quiet place where  you could talk to people without interruptions and with most people who we  talked they shared personal things like if we know very well each other.

People were very willing to listen and it that’s  why was very easy to talk to them and not be  rejected, most of them believed in reincarnation and some of their relatives are Christians or some work with Christians. This time was a big blessing  :). Finally we shared with 13 people :). “


“Hi! Serving God is beautiful because everyone carries the proof that God loves us too much and it’s comforting to know we are saved and shared with those who ignore Christ. God continue to bless and keep on praying for all people :D. “


SWARM September 7th:

“Last Saturday I was at the Evangelistic Swarm and it was my first time!

God really  never makes mistakes and we met a young man that said he was reading the Bible because he didn’t have a job, he was a Pastor’s son but he had not wanted to get involved in “God’s stuff”. He said that but he was crying out to God when we arrived and we prayed for him. We are going to contact him and also we are going to contact a police man that showed a lot of interest and a person that at the end invited us dinner!! Jaja.



“This past weekend was something super cool, to be able to spread the message of salvation is a great task.

My experience was great because I talked to a guy and he let me pray for him, after that he went and then he looked for us with two other girls and they asked if we could pray for them too. We prayed, they cried and believed in what we were saying, they believed in God and in the message of Salvation!”.


“It was a great experience, I had never share the gospel with so many brothers and sisters at the same time.  It was really rewarding to see the blessings of God doing His Will”.


“I was with 2 guys,  one of them had chance to talk to 3 people, and while was sharing with someone the other guy and I were interceding in prayer, we know that it is not easy doing this work. Thanks God because He supported us all time and we planted a seed in the hearts of these people and also in many others who heard us while we were witnessing  and praying. Was great what God has done and what he will continue doing.”


“In the past swarm (September 7th), I had the opportunity to share the word along with Esther, I think we both agree that God puts the right people for you when you are willing to share Him

After having give tracks to some people who appeared be believers (at least for what they responded), we met a guy and a girl, who were waiting at a bus stop.

I was the one who spoke while Esther prayed for them, so I shared the way I learned here in RPM, starting with a question “what do you think happens when we die?”, For their reply, I found both believed in God either by some Catholic background or because a Christian based background.

As I begin to investigate his belief could see that the concept of salvation through Christ was not clear to them. Once we identify some of their belief I wanted them to see the problem of humanity and we all have sinned; during these questions (in my view) he tried to scare us a little with comments about he had stolen wallets, phones and other things and also that he had almost killed someone.

During the conversation his face started to changing while I talked about what Christ did for us (I guess was the Spirit working in his heart) and he showed up more interesting, at the end of my speaking Esther asked them if we could pray for something specific and we did, after that, we still talking to them more.

For me was a big surprise to know that he was reading a Christian book and he started asking to me why I was doing that?, and if I do something else for life? and I asked him why he wanted to know, his response was that he wanted to do that and know more about God, but he wasnt available because of his circumstances, that I could do it because I was allowed for having already finished university and have a job.

My answer was only what Bible says in Matthew 6:33, also Esther invited the girl to her church. I pray that they find the light in Him and come to Christ, I believe God wanted us to be there to share with them and that’s what we did.

This way of evangelism is perhaps not very common in Mexico, I think it is good and it doesn´t takes a long time, what matters is glorify Him and remember that there are party on heaven with just a single saved person.”


SWARM /Nov/13

01 Swarm Polanco (1)

“The swarm in Polanco was a big blessing. I was blessed for going to preach the good news of salvation to people that sometimes for being wealthy or not, do not want to hear us, we know that with God there is no respecter of persons and for me was a great lesson to share the truth that day and I was amazed to see what God does when you listen Him.”


“ok, mmm… before i went to this event,  RPM had a meeting with Pastors and Leaders at Union Church in Lomas, and I told my friend that I had some reservations about what I could find in this ministry, because many times you find clearly human motivations and by reading His Word I found that many times for God´s service exists human motivations (even if they look good) that are condemned by God, but I realized that with you (RPM), I found a hunger and thirst for righteousness, a  desire to honor God rather than men, and that filled me  with joy,  I thank first God, for use me and for your desire to obey God, not seeking glory for you … but only to God as it should be!”



“To my dear youth adult…I always have loved talking about Jesus ..I have discovered for myself that now that I love the word more then ever…I am discovering this new gift I want to brush up..and its to bring more people to the TRUTH….I love you all and continue to pray for all of us that love to follow our lord…..loved that fun and fellowship we had together being DOERS”.


SWARM /March/14


“It was a Great Blessing! I hope many will be encouraged to come and share His Word! Wish to share His great love was present, I went with Ada and Lizette and talked to different people about His Love and Salvation. I liked the interest of the people with whom we share about the ministry and some churches. The one that impressed me the most was that we met a China girl at the end and she loved to talk to us, I got her information and i´ll contact her “


“I have had the opportunity to share with others the message of salvation and through this ministry, see, experience and rejoice when someone has accepted Christ as only and sufficient Savior. Join with other believers to fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ, “go into all the world and preach the gospel”, it revitalizes my spirit and I know I have not been around the world, but my city, my community needs to know this gospel, share the good news founded only in the Word and through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Last Saturday we were in Alameda, Mexico City and as usual, I saw agitated people, others resting, some sad and others, thoughtful. In an amazing way God led us to whom we had to share. This time, everyone heard and accepted track but the greatest joy was when Carmen, a highschool girl, accepted Christ as only and sufficient Savior. We could pray for her, feel the power of the Holy Spirit and see a transformed face in minutes. Pray for all those who listen, whether apparently do not see results, because our mission is not to convince but bring the good news.”


SWARM /December/14

Enjambre Central del sur

“This was the last Swarm of the year, and it was a blessing. Personally I got the chance to talk to a couple of persons; the first one was very open and listened carefully to the message. This swarm was special also because we sang Christmas carols. At the end, all participants sang together “Holy Night”, a song everyone in Mexico have heard and can relate to people some people stood, and some other just gave a quick look while continued walking. I know a good number of people got the message that day, I wander if they got the chance to realize that God is constantly reminding us of His son Jesus.”


“It was Saturday noon, when a couple of friends and I headed to the Taxqueña  Bus Station to share the Good News of the king of kings.

At the beginning my heart was beating steadily, I was so excited to talk about what God came to do for us; I was struck to see so many people looking forward to go on vacations, or just enjoy their arrival to Mexico City. I wondered that day what was on every suitcase, and even more, what were they carrying in their hearts.

I was so eager to talk to people, look them face to face and share with them the real meaning of Christmas, the gift that God gave us through his only Son.

Elder people, women, men, teenagers and families; all united by the grace of God in that same place. Two people called my attention, a teenager from Guerrero who knew that the only one who can keep far from evil and return both peace and justice to his native town in Guerrero, is God. His face confidence to know that it was God who gave him that power; plus an adult after a long chat agreed to believe in Jesus; believe that died on a cross for our sins and rose again and now reigns from heaven.

That evening, I ended up very challenged and my commitment to the Lord and the ‘lost’ grew.”


SWARM /May /15



Natalia and I had just met when we started walking, then we saw Ricardo. Minutes later, the three of us were sitting on a bench in Coyoacan, three complete strangers talking about Eternity. While I was trying to describe to Ricardo this fire that burns within me, I suddenly realized that it wasn’t me speaking, nor was I in control of the situation. In fact just a few months ago I would have considered opening my heart to a total stranger as foolish. But there we were.

A few moments later Ricardo opened up his heart to us. We couldn’t believe it.  I glanced at Natalia and suddenly realized that we were in this together. It didn’t make sense because I had just met her. Ricardo told us that he had asked God for some answers and there we were, two complete strangers on the street delivering some answers to him.

Natalia replied told him that there were no coincidences since he asked God for some answers and that whatever his questions might be, the only answer was God. He wants more than just pieces of our heart, he wants our complete being. Everything else will fall into place according to His perfect plan.

Soon after, three complete strangers started talking to God with their eyes closed.

Our Lord wants us to be part of his reconciliation plan. He will not only call the ones that are prepared (who can call himself prepared anyway?), he will prepare the ones that he calls. This I know, because in spite of all my imperfections and my antisocial nature, the three of us were there, talking about God. The moment was perfect.


SWARM /June/15

imagen T N

I felt excited days before the event. It is my conviction to always share Christ with others. The purpose of my existence is to have an impact on the ones around me. Sometimes, due to many activities and daily tasks, I lose focus of that objective. Therefore, every time the Church goes out to preach, it is very special for me. I get excited when people set aside time and effort to preach the “Good News”.

It is common to feel burdened and concerned moments before the event. It is not easy to make people aware of the existence of God and even harder to tell them that He has declared merciless judgment against anyone who breaks the law. Despite the company of my fellow believers, there is always in me some nervousness while going. I tend to think in experiences like this, that I’m going out to teach someone (and not so much to learn). Therefore, I continuously ask God to never let me trust in my own abilities, or eloquence, or wisdom. I know that only God, the Authority himself, can convince the sinner of sin.

On Saturday, June 27, I took off with all those things in mind. My expectation was to share the Gospel only to the person (s) God indicated to me. Many good and bad experiences have pushed me to rely only on the Holy Spirit’s direction. And indeed, God directed me to a person: Freddy Palacios. I spent an hour of conversation with him. I noticed later that this man had already seeked God through a personal concern. He developed a genuine need for Christ after reading and inquiring in the Bible; this man was fertile ground for the Gospel.

I encouraged and exhorted him. Freddy, as any believer without the care of a church community was facing severe discouragement. As he discovered much of the gospel, alone, he thought he could live that way his life in Christ. I urged him to seek the shelter of a church and prayed for him. Finally I left, but not without thanking God first for the opportunity he gave me. I had not only taught, but learned. Jesus Christ had planted in Freddy a need for the Scripture. I have never seen this before. I witnessed, as in the book of Acts (chapter 1 v. 8), what Christ did, and still does in the life of every man. I learned that Christ calls us to witness and that He is continuously working in the life of men even when we don’t see it.

Uziel recorte


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  • Johanna D.

    I was giving tracts and suddenly a man asked me what this is about, and I told him it was about sex trafficking and child abuse. He asked me then why is that? And I told him that it is because of the evil of men, and he continued emphasizing the question, but why!? So I told him that that’s what happens when people don’t have God in their lives, and so the evil grows.

    Then the man asked what religion are you and what do you do? Are you the ones that do not believe in the Virgin Mary? I said: It is not that we do not believe in her, it is in the Bible, she was the mother of Jesus. He asked again, but you do not adore her. And I replied: No, because in the Bible says that you shouldn’t have other gods nor images. And he said, but she is the mother of God. And I said, no she isn’t. She is the mother of Jesus, but not of God, because God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and He chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus in the form of a human. Then the man became defensive and continue to argue that she should be worshiped, and he started to be a little aggressive, not violent, but just aggressive trying to convince me about it.

    Then I am sure it was the Holy Spirit talking through me, I really don’t remember what I said, but in that moment I talked about the Scriptures. If I think about that now, I don’t know how I did it, so I am sure it was the Holy Spirit.

    Then out of nowhere another young guy came to me, I didn’t even see where he was coming from. And he told me, Hey, you gave me this tract. I told him yes. And he said, ah, I want to talk to you. And I told him, yes, just give me a minute please, let me finish talking to the sir.

    The other man continue to argue about the same thing. And the young guy was standing there waiting, and he started to say, no Sir, but in Deuteronomy the Bible says this and in Exodus that. And he just was talking about the Scriptures, but it was a guy like any other; I didn’t even know his name or anything, he has just asked if I gave him the tract. And the true is that I don’t remember if I did give it to him, but he did have one, and I said yes because it was one of the ones we were giving, but I really don’t remember giving it to him. But he started to discuss everything and the man just stood quiet and he didn’t know what to say.

    Then the man continue to make questions, but not anymore in an aggressive way but saying that he did wanted to believe but it was difficult to him and he knew he had to surrender his life to God. It was a complete change of attitude.

    So I just told him that he had to give the first place to God and to nobody else, have Christ in our heart and I just gave him the message of salvation.

    It was a sudden change.

    When we said goodbye, the man gave me his phone number! After being so aggressive, he asked me to contact him because he wants to know more and learn more.

    Then the other guy just told me that he just wanted to give me thanks for the tract and for doing what I was doing. He said he was a Christian and that he had Christ in his heart.

    After that I said goodbye to the guy. And we left.

    But I have always said that there are no coincidences for God. And I feel that He sent this guy. I cannot explain this, I don’t want to say that he was an angel or that he wasn’t, because I don’t know, it was very strange to me. But he came in the right moment in the right place, talking Scriptures, and he had a tract saying that I gave it to him and I don’t think I did, and he knew what to say not attacking the man but just with the Word of God. It was an experience that let me amazed, in how God is with us always.

    It is a rewarding and wonderful experience, how our Lord does not leave their children when they are being attacked.

  • Jahaziel

    I have learned this week something very important about sharing the Gospel. It takes more than words to share the Biblical Gospel, it requires a Biblical attitude, it demands on us to walk in integrity of heart and to know deep the job we have ahead. It is very important to know it is not our project, Its the Lord´s plan, and Christ is doing this labor through his Church. Our mind should be Christ’s. Our Lord Jesus has given us everything that it is needed to do his labor. I mean, His words was not the only thing He gave us, He said: “But ye shall receive power” referring to the Holy Spirit, “and ye shall be witnesses unto me” Acts 1:8. What we need is Him living on our beating hearts and thinking minds, we have to walk with mercy and truth written upon us, we need to love and be compassionate, to spend time, to act according to the faith that has been given to us, and to live as saints, set apart for the Gospel. All this is required to share and live the Gospel dairy, and all this has also been given by the Lord to us. The fruit of the Spirit. Our concern must be courage, and obedience, to trust on what He had told us, “I am with you always.” “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew: 28: 18-20.

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