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___FlashMob. 22-o3-14, Madero, Mexico City___



“On November 22th a group of friends and I, went to share the Good News, XXI century style with a flashmob. As the team was getting ready to start, I noticed a small group of people that caught my attention. They were having fun in a very peculiar way, their laughs were very contagious and genuine; I wanted to know more of them, so I went to meet them. I sat in the middle and share with them some food and water that had with me. Later I knew this was the place where God was working and that He wanted me to be there… I began to speak out what God had done in my life, relying in the word of God 2 Cor. 4: 7-10. That day, I returned home devastated, tired and with a huge weight on, that only God could remove, instead the Lord put in me a huge commitment to them, the so-called “Street Kids”. This was the beginning of a new friendship, a new beginning for all of them where Alejandro ceased to be called “El Flaco”, Carlos the “Chicharito” and Veronica “Green Hairs”.  I am sure that God is the only one who can restore everything the enemy has taken from them. – GUSTAVO  CABALLERO

“I was praying with a person, and then another guy came up and asked if I could pray for him too. I said, “Sure!” And then he asked to me, “Do you also give advices?” And I said, “Well, I can listen to you if you want.” Then we sat and he asked: “What do you do when you want to take off your life?”  then I said, ” Why do you ask me that?” He replied: “Because I’m thinking do it today.” So I just thought , “God, please help me, give me the words to this guy, because I can´t by myself.” Then I asked: “Why do you want to do that?” He started to cry and said. “Because I have AIDS and it is terminal, and I wasn´t infected by my will but because I was raped, and who did it was a priest.” After we talked with him and share the Gospel he accepted Christ as he savior and went home having changed his life. It was not an accident that this guy was standing there in the place where we were dancing. The most important thing is that a life was saved! – JORGE GÓMEZ


“I was sharing the Gospel with Jorge to this guy, and I just couldn´t stop thinking: Can you imagine what would have happened if we had not gone that day to evangelize?” – TILO CHÁVEZ

“I talked to a guy named Celso, and when I asked what would happen to his soul after death, he told me very confident: “I’m going to hell.” And while I was talking to him I noticed that he had read a lot from the Bible and even he told me that is not the first time someone shares the Gospel to him, but he hadn´t wanted to accept. What I could notice most was his impression when I said that if someone had already spoken to him about the Gospel and now I was sharing with him again was because God was looking for him.” – RODRIGO MENDOZA

“I was talking to a couple, and they looked really interested in what I was saying about the Gospel. When I said: “God knows you, God knows what you’re feeling right now, He knows your problems, your current situation and what you’re going through. He loves you and He is looking for you. It is not a coincidence that you were here and that I just saw you after the dance.” At that time the girl began to cry and just affirmed. I had the opportunity to pray for them, Viridiana and Alonso.” – NANCY TECUATL

“I was with Paty sharing the Gospel, so we talked with 7 people (a policeman, a rocker guy, a young and an older man, etc.) All the time was a blessing and we loved doing it, it was something very special, and thank God we were able to share all people hope and faith; we talked with people who is lacking of the influence from Christians in knowing where they should congregate, or what to do with their faith, and others, lost their faith because God didn´t answer their prayers fast!

The whole experience was amazing!” – ANNA LAVREKHA 

“Some guys who often do break dance were interested in joining the FlashMob , I think is a very good opportunity to share through dance, many young people gave us their attention!” – ROSE CETINA

“I invite you all to this Christian FlashMob, besides it’s fun is doing something for many people can know God.” – GLORIA EUNICE

“I invite you to come and participate with this young group, it is a very fun experience, this FlashMob is unforgettable, you have the opportunity to share the Gospel and this time three souls were saved for Christ, come! be part of this activity to share the love of God.” – DOREIDI

“I make this invitation for you to this FlashMob, it is a really good experience to share with many people, I really feel very happy to have done this, it is something new and is to encourage what the Bible tells us about making more disciples, so I invite you all to attend this FlashMob, you will enjoy it!” – DAVID


_____FlashMob. 23-11-13, Coyoacán, Mexico City_____

flashmob Noviembre 2013

“It was amazing how despite the rain and cold, the volunteers were willing to sacrifice their Saturday afternoon to share the Gospel with people in need. Coyoacán is a place with interesting people and many of them with ideas really misconceptions about life and death.

Thank God for the opportunity we had to share the truth with them, and we  made them think about what will happen to their soul. There were so many wrong and needy people that we couldn´t stay without doing anything.

I invite all believers to participate! It is an incredible blessing to be part of this ministry. ” – NANCY TECUATL

” The “FlashMob” seems to me a very useful resource”, is dynamic with a good organization, I really liked this opportunity for sharing. The initiative of this activity is very good, apart from the purpose of doing God´s will. “ – UZIEL ALVARADO

“It is an honor and privilege to serve God with people like you who are hunger and thirst for righteousness, there is a great need in the country to know God, our Lord Jesus Christ said in prayer” this is eternal life, that they know that you are the only true God, “and I enjoyed it as I say it is an honor and privilege to meet people who love God and to share the greatness and glory of Him.” – EZEQUIEL PINO ZÁRATE

“Every time i danced and then share with people, I felt the power of God. I was worried about rain but at the end everything was great and we worked as a team. I think it is not only deliver flyers, you have to talk with people to assured that the person understands the message. My friend Lucia and I talked with a couple and the woman told us that was great what we were doing, that it is important and she asked us where we go when we die . I said, I go to heaven with God. “ – SVETLANA PUSTOVALOVA