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In order to really reach the lost and hurting there has to be a certain feeling attached to a believers emotions – uncomfortableness. Comfort breeds complacency, and complacency is a splinter of pride that destroys our witness, testimony, and our get up and go. If we sit idle consumed with worldly wants and desires, not…Read More

*What we do

Relentless Pursuit (RPM) is committed to improving the lives of those in spiritual and economic poverty. Our focus is to serve our neighbors and people groups across the globe, just as Christ commanded. Following Christ’s example, our ministry brings hope and inspiration to people who need it most… at the time they need it most.…Read More

*Repent & Believe

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus was preaching “repent and believe” (Mk 1:15, Mk 1:38) and teaching his disciples to go out and preach repentance (Mk 1:17, Mk 6:12, etc.), first. The miracles and all of His divine dealings were a springboard for His message of salvation. The miracles… 1) Showed the divinity of Jesus. “Believe…Read More