Unknown Path


The picture is of a lone soldier heading into the unknown to diffuse a bomb. Ultimately, he does not know what lies ahead of him.

People walk through life on their own terms, alone, not realizing that they will meet their Holy God soon. They may think that they are joined together with others, in false religions, no religion, seeking material gain, or other feel good pursuits, but they are alone with their personal decisions and where they stand with God.

The soul (You) has been designed to be eternal. An incredible gift, to say the least, unless you refuse God. People will seek their own desires before seeking God… this is where we are broken and separated.

God has another plan for us. A plan that has to do with the highest and purest form of love. It is a plan that started as most love stories do, with sacrifice (John 3:16) – this is Jesus Christ dying on the cross and raising from the tomb on the third day. This sacrifice allows us to experience grace and, by having a repentant heart and placing our faith in Jesus Christ alone to save us, have salvation.

As Christians, we know the story well, but what about the person walking alone, as the soldier in the picture, not knowing what lies ahead? Will you walk with him?

God has given us (Christ followers) the incredible responsibility, in His amazing plan, to be witnesses (Acts 1:8) and share this ultimate story of love. Are you sharing (Mark 16:15)? When Jesus said to His disciples, over 2000 years ago, “… preach the gospel to every creature.” … he was talking to us, as well, right?

Seek the lost, hurting, and broken. Be the light in a dark world.

Stephen John Spivey

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