Think About This…

Every day over 5 million people use the transit system is Mexico City. How many of these people do not know Jesus Christ? Think about that…

These people board the metro or the bus each day thinking they know where they are going. In the spiritual sense most do not have a clue. They are going about their daily business, rushing to go to work, and then rushing to get home, not realizing that they have a higher purpose.

Every one of these people has a story. Some are lonely, some are sick. Some have lost a loved one or some do not know love. And many are burdened with just life as they see it, and they are tired. They may think, “Is this all there is?” As we know it isn’t. We have a savior that came down from Heaven to pay our debt and to set us free – a Savior that promises to give us rest from the hard ways of this life.

Matthew 28:19, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” The command is clear. God has called us to seek the lost.

How will these people hear about Jesus if Christians do not go and seek them?
Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few…” The obvious question is, “will you be a laborer?”

When Jesus said to His disciples, over 2000 years ago, “… preach the gospel to every creature.” … he was talking to us, as well, right?

It is time for us to act. How often, as Christians, do we have the opportunity to reach the lost in such large numbers? This is a special time for those that live in Mexico City to go out and reach non-believers. God has given us this simple way to go out and to minister to people in a huge way.

Will you join us?

Stephen John Spivey

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