*The Household Sponge


The common household sponge will get in the dirtiest corners of the house and work. Not only will it take the water that it has absorbed and deliver it where it is needed, but it will remove the dirt from the worst of places. By itself it is small and non-effective, but when it is filled with water, it expands and becomes extraordinary.

It may be a crude analogy, but Believers can learn a little something from the sponge. Be filled (Holy Ghost) and deliver (Seek people) is the instruction scripture gives us (Acts 1:8, Matt. 28:19,20). Let the Living Water expand your life (John 7:38), and go and seek all people – even in the dirty places that may make you feel uncomfortable. Live by faith and watch God work.

John Stephen Spivey

Instigator of Hope

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