How much do you really love God, if you rarely pray to Him during the day? As a child would you ignore your parents throughout the day? No, because you loved them and you could see how they cared for you. Now think of God, your Creator, and His Son, your Deliverer, and think of what they have done for you in your life. At the very least, they deserve adequate communication with their child.

Challenge for the week:

1) Find 30 minutes in the morning and be still…listen for God and let the conversation begin. Thank Him and praise Him for who He is in your life. Try and increase your time, each morning, as necessary.

2) Throughout your day, when you think and reflect, introduce God in the process. Internalizing everything is unhealthy, and can lead to unbalance and sin. Including God in your thoughts is healthy and the way we were created to operate.

Combine these two valuable steps with reading the bible daily and see how God blesses you. Journal the process, so you have an account of God working in your life.

In Christ,
Stephen John Spivey

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