RPM – Queretaro, Mx.



My name is Esther Aldino Francisco, I am from a town called Santo Domingo Petapa in the state of Oaxaca, México. I was born in a family with 8 children, of which I am the seventh. My parents, Juana and Camerino, met the Lord Jesus just the year I was born. My childhood was very happy although we suffered many shortcomings. Our faith was always in God, and He was always faithful. At age of 13 I had to move to Mexico City to work and study, along with three of my brothers. It was difficult, and I have to say that I did not attend much to church. It was only after eleven years, when I decided to return to Oaxaca, that God changed me and put love in my heart and the desire to serve Him. I began to serve in my local church as Leader of the Youth and later God brought me to Querétaro to work with A Relentless Pursuit Ministry.



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