A Penny is Hope!

A Penny is Hope campaign is based and founded on the hope that when people see others in need that they will rally to their cause and find a way to inject hope (Romans 5:1-5) and love (Matthew 22:39), no matter how difficult the situation. We need this more than ever. In our technological advanced society where knowledge is literally at the tip of our fingers, millions live in poverty and, worse, millions die each year of hunger and disease that could so easily be prevented.

Change starts with understanding, and understanding starts with awareness. That brings us to you. Our hope is that everyone that graces our ministry will take something with them. First being the understanding that everyone needs to be involved in some capacity. Second, we believe without a doubt that we together can literally save thousands of lives by just making people aware, which will ultimately get people involved — Will you help?

This campaign is about the glorious coin the penny. We are going to show people how a penny can give a child food, a home, proper health care, etc… We firmly believe that from the most insignificant coin we can make the most significant change in the world. Got a penny?

Please read our blog, “A penny is worthless!”

Here is our challenge to you –

We understand that life is busy, hectic, demanding. And it can be overwhelming to find the exact ministry to donate to. And/or you may want to give but you cannot come up with the amount per month that some ministries want you to give. Do not let that stop you!

This campaign is designed to allow you to give and not worry about the monthly amount or commitment.

Now here is how easy it is!

A Penny is Hope

We are encouraging you to think about the simple penny and its counterparts, the nickel, dime, and quarter. Think of that change that is lying on your dresser, desk, in your car, in your pockets, or in between your seats. That change at the end of the day can, in most circumstances, provide clean water, food, immunizations, and the Gospel to people that would otherwise not have it!

Get your family together and make a game of it. See who can find the most change in the house or who can find change in the most unusual places. Then get it together, whatever the amount (remember most banks have a free change service and free money orders for their patrons), and send it to us here at A Relentless Pursuit.

Once we have received your donation we will put it to work immediately in areas that urgently need it.

Each year 3.4 million people, mostly children, die from water-related diseases; that is one person every eight seconds. In Africa alone, 85 percent of all illness in children under 5 are caused by waterborne diseases. No matter the country or continent, water is the most precious gift.

$25 will help provide clean water for 5 people for one year.

$50 will help provide clean water for 10 people for one year.

$100 will help provide fresh, uncontaminated water for 20 people for one year!

We are sure if you change your paradigm about pennies and the change lying around your house, you can help change the world. Whatever the amount is, $3.00, $5.00, $20.00. No amount is too small or too great. Just think, for minutes a month and a trip to the bank you can save the life of a living, breathing child with just pennies!

Stephen John Spivey

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Giving By Check

Please, mail donations to:

Relentless Pursuit Ministries,

690 Mission Road,

Cartersville, Ga. 30120.

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