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Uncomfortableness بيع اسهم اكتتاب الاهلي In order to really reach the lost and hurting there has to be a certain feeling attached to a believers emotions – uncomfortableness. Comfort breeds complacency, and complacency is a splinter of pride that destroys our witness, testimony, and our get up and go. If we sit idle consumed with worldly wants and desires, not…Read More

توصيات سوق الاسهم السعودي 2014

*Are you correctly following Christ? اسعار سبائك الذهب في السعوديه بتاريخ 20 مايو2013 Being a Christ follower means following Christ. Seems simple enough, but many people are missing the mark. Following Jesus means to die of yourself and commit your life to Him – your pursuits become His pursuits, and earthly desires are cast aside. Over the last one hundred years or so, we have offended God. We…Read More

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*Repent & Believe

تداول اسهم موبايلي Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus was preaching “repent and believe” (Mk 1:15, Mk 1:38) and teaching his disciples to go out and preach repentance (Mk 1:17, Mk 6:12, etc.), first. The miracles and all of His divine dealings were a springboard for His message of salvation. The miracles… 1) Showed the divinity of Jesus. “Believe…Read More kursy walut forex w czasie rzeczywistym

*Compassion – A Must For All Believers review The “_____is as _____does” saying is rather catchy. I find myself often enacting the Forrest Gump version of this: getting back from the grocery store and, instead of making three trips, I decide to carry all 20 bags in at once. That is me demonstrating stupid is as stupid does. Insert your favorite Mr. Bean…Read More

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