*This Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Worldwide, there are 21 million women forced into prostitution. Did you know that there were 250,000 sex-trafficked children (forced slaves) in Brazil, who were “groomed” for the World Cup? There are at least two million children used as prostitutes each year. The victims on average are between the ages of 12 and 14, although some…Read More

*Megalopolis 2017

  *Megalopolis(Big City) 2017   1000 days of evangelism, mobilization and saturation.   Project: FOCUSED FOR CHURCHES IN THE CENTER OF MEXICAN REPUBLIC. EVERY CHRISTIAN COMMITTED TO THE GREAT COMMISSION. EVERYONE WHO IS WILLING TO GO. Quadruple the size of the church in the center of mexico in 3 years.  *Is for every Christian. 1+for Christ each…Read More

For Jehovah Witnesses – A Point to Consider

There are 21 major world religions today. Logically, in assuming there can only be one God, most of these people are wrong – a sobering thought. Many of the people that are part of these religions believe they have a strong faith. How strong is your faith? Do you know where you are going when…Read More