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What We Do:

A Relentless Pursuit (ARP) is committed to improving the lives of those in spiritual and economic poverty. Our focus is to serve our neighbors and people groups across the globe, just as Christ commanded. Following Christ’s example, our ministry brings hope and inspiration to people who need it most… at the time they need it most.

The ARP method of helping transform lives is unique and has a high impact on the communities and people in need, as well as on ARP volunteers themselves…(keep reading)

 About Our Founder:

Stephen Spivey is an instigator of hope. Since he was called to the ministry in 1997, he has had a passion for the lost and the forgotten. He believes when people see others in need that they will rally to the cause and find a way to inject hope and love, no matter …(keep reading)

Mobile App:

It is a pleasure to announce that our RPM app (Relentless Pursuit Ministries) is now available on all mobile devices .With this application you will be able to stay connected, to our ministry, as you are on the go.

Get it here!

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